Investigations into climate science by 9th grade students

Final Presentation

The project we have been doing on climate change makes me believe that humans are selfish and inconsiderate. There are many reasons that I believe this to be true and I have constructed all those ideas into a “Prezi” that will be used as my final presentation for this project.

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3 Responses to “Final Presentation”

  1.   Sarah Says:

    Jocelyn, i loved your prezi. It’s making us think about weather we are trying to do anything. Are there any other ways to help slow global warming? I’d love to know. Thanks for your help, loved your work.

  2.   Morgan Says:

    I really liked how you wrapped this whole project up. You’re posts were so good. I really enjoyed reading them. I learned a lot from them too. I agree with you, humans are selfish and don’t think about anything but themselves. Animals are helpless creatures and can’t do anything about climate change. Great job with your posts!

  3.   Alana Says:

    Jocelyn, i love your presentation, it really made me think about what we are doing for the animals, and how we really arent doing a lot to help them out. it opened my eyes a little more and im sure that people who havnt heard or done research on it, it will really surprise them, good job!